Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bearing witness to drone atrocities at the CIA's doorstep

On Saturday, March 8th, anti-drone war protesters from Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice, Pax Christi Metro DC/Baltimore, Dorothy DayLangley Hill Friends Meeting and students from Loyola College and local high schools gathered at the main entrance of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia for their 16th consecutive monthly witness since November, 2012.
Dozens came out to bring the anti-drone message to the Langley community.

Approaching the Langley CIA compound with the drone replica.
 Barbed wire visible on the right.

Demonstrators got the attention of many passersby,
 and received a great deal of encouragement.

People of all ages and backgrounds came together to bear
 witness to the atrocities resulting from drone warfare.
Those present placed stones at the gates of Langley to commemorate
 the many innocent people killed by drones.
"Peace is Priceless." 
16 consecutive months, and the Langley community is still going strong as they refuse to let the CIA hide from the consequences of their actions.
 The nationwide Spring Days of Action Against Drones are just beginning! CLICK HERE to learn about events in your area!
Spring Days of Drone Action 2014

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